Hidden Conflicts and Open Grief

About Hidden Conflicts, Open Grief

We are two local women, mothers, friends, human beings with heart. We see a lot of pain and struggle in our local communities and this deeply affects us.

As we sat and talked through our aims for this little initiative on Angell Town estate, we talked about how common it is when in pain, conflict and grief, we pull our shutters down and we struggle with openness, trust and transparency. We wondered … what if we walked toward painful, frustrating and overwhelming issues, together, in a supportive environment?

We are working with a few premises:
• That any conflict is a resource. Conflict holds within it vital messages regarding unmet needs and areas of necessary change.
• That  “There is a price in not expressing one’s grief” and “That Grief needs to be witnessed to be healed.”
• That  “There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside of you” (Maya Angelou)
• That maybe Conversation is the way that things get done.

Ceri Buckmaster and Lahnah Johnson.JPG

 We created 3 events for people to come together and talk about local problems, conflicts and grief. In our planning meetings, we drank lots of lemon and ginger tea, ate ackee and saltfish, bammy, and scoffed a fair amount of chocolate and avocado brownies.

Here is an inspiring piece of writing about the Embracing Grief by Sobonfu if you want to read more.


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