Harvesting: What you are saying about the Walks

“The simplicity of the approach is the most important thing. The message for me is that I can stay with the grief and I need it to be seen but I do not necessarily need  “the therapists” and two years one to one sessions of talking with psychotherapist.;-)

Walk Participant, May 2015


“Thank you for doing it and for the trust that we can deal with it, stay with it by simply walking.”

Walk Participant, May 2015


“Thank you for the experience of the walk.I liked all of the information you gave us about communication. It felt a lovely, supportive environment.”

Walk Participant, June 2015


“It felt special to be sharing whilst walking, whilst out in nature.I can honestly say that your walk was a significant element of a weekend that made me feel I had helped myself shift psychologically.It felt a truly meaningful thing to do.” Walk Participant, June 2015

“Since the Walk, I think something has shifted in me. It’s as though there is now the possibility of not having to automatically burying painful emotions. It  like it’s OK to  feel  loss or sad (now) about a friend who is seriously ill. Facing this is new and it feels honest. Thank you so much, for opening up this possibility for change. It’s the very best of learning.”

Walk Participant, June 2015


“Thank you for Wednesday’s Walk. What you say does sink in and it has helped me this week. I thought you facilitated the session with a light touch and  very skilfully and that’s what made it possible to share our thoughts and emotions. Being outside, having tea, walking, coming together under the tree………………….. provided a lovely calm setting that  balanced  well with the openness of our conversations with you and each other. Once again thank you for providing this community event.”

Walk Participant, September 2015


“I actually came away from the Grief walk quite stunned by its power.

It was an unexpectedly beautiful day in terms of the weather…….for me, the walking round in a threesome really worked……it was very powerful to listen to people’s stories  and I did genuinely feel heard from the quality of the thoughtful responses I received. A theme in our separate threads was identified and that was very helpful…it wove them together!!!

It had seemed really important to me to go on the walk, it was exactly what I needed.”

Warm Wishes, October 2015 Walk Participant


“I’d never given ‘grief’ substance before now. The emotion itself. Awakening unspoken agonies long ago dulled by grief, yet always latent and from time to time touching your soul and yearning for a moment to express. Today’s walk did that. Sharing made the turmoil less tumultuous. Thank you Ceri and our cosy group – it felt so natural.”

L Johnson, November 2015



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