Grief Walks

You are invited to a series of walks in the park to remember people who have died, or things that have been lost in our lives. The walks will be a collective time for walking, for silence, for talking, and for tea and cake.

Grief as a response to loss and death is part of life, but is often seen as something to be fixed or avoided, as if there was something ‘wrong’, if you are feeling sad about the end of a relationship, the loss of a job or of failing health, or if you are still grieving a parent, sibling, partner or child who died a while ago. You may feel pressure to ‘move on’ to the next thing rather than acknowledging the pain of the loss. These walks are also a space for acknowledging empathic pain of tragedy not in our immediate life; war, violence, pollution, loss of any life.

The walks are free and open to everyone, including children. However if you need some time for yourself, see if you can find someone to stay with your child(ren) in the playground for an hour. Come with an open mind, willing to listen to yourself and talk to others, or to remain silent if that’s what you need.

These walks are a simple way of beginning a conversation about grief and loss. It is not bereavement counselling and there will be support for telling your story in a way that is safe for you, and guidelines for how to listen. These walks are an investigation into how as a community we can allow grief some space.

This is an Invisible Food project in which we explore things that sustain and nurture us that aren’t ordinarily visible.


Upcoming Dates:

  • Saturday 12th December

The walks will continue in 2016.

Time:   10.30am – 12pm (1 hour walk followed by tea and cake)

Contact:  07963 446605 or

Please let me know if you intend to come (and then if you can’t come). A quick text is fine.

Dates and times are subject to change. Always check programme closer to the date.

Location: Myatt’s Fields Park, Camberwell/Brixton. SE5 9RA . Meet in the Quiet Garden near the Knatchbull Road entrance nearest the Library.

Cost: Free

Who for:  Anyone who can walk or be wheeled around the park. Children welcome, but ask a friend to stay with them in the playground if you need some time to yourself.

What will actually happen?: We’ll meet at 10.30am , introduce ourselves, have some time to consider what it is we are grieving, pair up with someone to walk round the park and talk (or remain in silence if that’s what you both want), return back to starting point for a closing circle and tea and cake. It’s fairly relaxed.

What to bring (essential): an open mind, willingness to listen to yourself and talk to others if that feels comfortable. Willingness to remain silent if that’s what you need.

What to bring (optional): some cake and a flask of tea to share. The park café may be open on some dates.

Other events that Ceri runs:  Empathy injection workshops to boost the level of empathy in your life.

Also check out: Death Café  and Cornish artist Sarah Vivian’s site who did the drawing of the featured image on this page.


3 thoughts on “Grief Walks

  1. It lands as something that would be supportive. I can imagine myself there with others holding myself and one another through this journey.


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