Ceri Buckmaster is a group facilitator, mediator and writer, working in the areas of Sustainability and Community building. Her work is based in Nonviolent communication (NVC), a process that facilitates clear and transparent interpersonal communication, greater understanding of trauma and peaceful resolution of conflicts.  (UK NVC info     Worldwide NVC info)

From 2015, her work is developing in two directions; she is working on increasing access to space for sharing grief and loss, and working towards suicide prevention. She also supports people from across the spectrum of relationship and sexuality preferences to create more robust relationships based on transparency, openness, and mutual care. All her work promotes self-care, care for the other, and care for ‘us’ and our environment.

She is currently training in the Diploma in Group facilitation and conflict resolution at the NAOS Institute, London.

In 2013, she participated in the Leadership programme in Nonviolent Communication, San Francisco, California.

She has been running the Invisible Food project in London since 2008, a project commissioned originally by Artangel as part of an investigation into Temporary Automonous Zones (TAZ). Invisible Food aims to reconnect Londoners to nature, to each other and to themselves. She published Street Food: Urban foraging and world food in 2013.

Together with Virginia Nimarkoh, she developed the Cook like a Caribbean project, showing global and historical influences on Caribbean food, at Myatt’s Fields Park. (2014)

Together with Rachel Warrington, Lynda Agard, the Golden Oldies group and the Shravika Satsang Mundal group from Wembley,  and students from Haberdashers Aske’s Hatcham College, she developed the Women Making History project at Museum in Docklands and the Women’s Library. The intergenerational project explored women’s representation in gallery and museum space, and women of colour’s contribution to London and the UK over the past 50 years. (2009-2011)

In 2006, she participated in The Body Politic, an interdisciplinary training in Arts, Activism and Social and Ecological justice run by Platform at Birkbeck College. Participation in this course led her to set up Invisible Food.

Ceri Buckmaster

In 2003-2005, she completed the MA in Poetic Practice at Royal Holloway, University of London specialising in the intersection between the written word and the visual arts, and researching how writing itself can be a form of activism.  Her short stories are published by Ether Books, her poetry by Archive of the Now.

She went through the process of Soma therapy while living in Brazil (1997 – 2003)  where she learnt skills with groups committed to social experimentation and, how one might ‘sculpt oneself’ in the philosopher Michel Onfray’s term, not theorizing revolution before first creating it in one’s everyday life, in permanent struggle with mechanisms of control.


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